Tutorial: Making of Stitched Cuffs Part 2

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In the previous post I showed how I took the concept of cutting a cuff in pieces and stitching it back together and sketched out some ideas of how that might work. Today I took one of my four favorite proofs and made it into a cuff. I honestly wanted to get more than one of the proofs done today but other things distracted me and I ran out of time. Below are pictures of how I took the design and turned it into a finished piece.

First I transferred the design to a paper template and then cut it out of the leather.

Cut out very carefully as both sides will be used in the cuff. For this kind of cut there is NO “trim area”.

Edge profiles are sanded round.

Stitches are marked.

Holes are punched for stitching. If I was doing a lock stitch with the awl I would have sewn this with the stitching awl, but because I wanted the flat parallel stitches I pre-punched the holes and stitched with a large embroidery needle by hand.

Dyed and good to go.

This little dino is stitched and looking happy!

Brass snaps are attached and set. You can’t really see it in this image but a wax finish was also applied here.

Wide view of the finished dinosaur cuff!


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