Call me The Yeast Herder – Part 2

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Miss Part #1? Call me The Yeast Herder #1

My beer is bubbling happily this morning, so I guess that makes me lucky as many wait worriedly for the first 48 or even 72 hours before they see any signs of proper fermentation. I can even see a tiny bit of krausen forming through the semi-transparent walls of my white plastic bucket. Maybe my high temp apartment isn’t so bad after all, these yeasties probably think they’re on the deck of a cruise ship headed for the sunny shores of Puerto Vallarta. Well they’ve got a surprise coming, this isn’t a mexican beer, its a Czech Pilsner, they’re headed for the heart of Bohemia.

I’m so hungry for my pilsner to finish that I regularly smell the airlock as it bubbles to see what aromas it might be generating. Too weird? I’m sure all first time brewers do this right? Right?


$6.17 later at Lowe’s… I have a 1/2” MIP barbed hose adapter, a PVC coupling to use as a nut, two O-rings, and a 5gal bucket…

I may regret not getting an actual ball valve to cut off the flow in a beermergency, but I’m planning on doing gravity fed bottling with a spring tipped bottling wand rather than an open ended siphon, so I’m betting on the spring tip to hold the brew in, no valve required. We’ll see if this was a good bet soon enough. The assembled port is fully removable for hyper sanitation if necessary. I even sanded off some rough spots of the tube adapter up to 600 grit so that there won’t be recessed areas for nasties to hide in. The bucket itself wasn’t all that smooth inside, but I’ve read that green beers are rather hard to infect. I’ll just be gentle on it and try to keep scratches down, and be sure to soak it good with sanitizer.


I haven’t seen a bubble for days, I’m sure its time to bottle. What will happen next??

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